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КARUZO COCOA range is already on the shelves!

We are excited to share with you that our new range of KARUZO COCOA Cream Pita is already in the stores! Just like the familiar range of KARUZO, KARUZO COCOA range has the same product advantages – real, fluffy and tasty cream pita:

  • We have kept the distinguished round shape that allows us to deliver cream in every bite - the round shape of cream pita KARUZO makes it possible to enjoy delicious cream in every bite, so the pleasure is even better and unforgettable.

  • We have kept the fluffy dough for richer taste, so you can enjoy our soft and fluffy pastry with thousands of layers and freshly baker pita aroma. Every bite melts in the mouth in a truly exciting way.

  • We added more varieties to complete the brand offering, so we launched cream pita with 3 new fillings – cocoa cream, mascarpone cream with apricot and mascarpone cream with raspberry.

Enjoy our new and UNIQUE KARUZO Cocoa Pita wherever and whenever you want!