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New cream pita Karuzo with 30% more product!

Here comes the hottest news?! This is the incredible proposition that Karuzo brings along, and you are going to love it!

Now Karuzo gives you 30% more product, in order to meet your hunger without compromises and give you an even more delightful experience. Cream pita Karuzo is bigger, more fluffy and juicy, and with sooo much cream filling in each bite – truly hunger satisfying and completely delicious. It has 7 great flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding puff pastry lover. Karuzo gives you not one, not two, but a variety of four cream pitas with the irresistible cheesecake filling – with blueberries, with cherries, with strawberries and with raspberries. Don’t miss the pita with cocoa filling either, as it is made with real Belgian chocolate. Last but not least, enjoy the true Italian inspiration – cream with Tiramisu taste.

Cream pita Karuzo – so tempting, soft and juicy and sooo satisfying… made specially for you.

You can find it in the stores, enjoy it every day, everywhere!

Karuzo. All Day!